If you’re human, that means you experience a range of emotions on a daily basis. In my experience, I’ve also witnessed how my “emotional seat” will affect my overall health. If I’m stressed, I don’t digest well, for instance. Emotions keep us up at night, impact our relationships, our work, and even our overall heart health, immunity, and so much more. Emotions are simply put, everything.

Did you know that oils are the perfect tool for accessing and supporting our emotional well being? I’m thrilled to share with you everything I know about oils and emotions. Here’s just a little peek into what we’ll be discussing in this class:

1. Learn to use essential oils to positively support your emotions, relieve stress and negative emotions, and get a handle of what’s bugging you.

2. You’ll get to understand beginner aromatherapy and the pathway to the limbic system.

3. Gain the confidence you need to choose between oils that uplift, ones that ground, and ones that support creative and clear thinking in a very easy-to-comprehend approach.

4. You’ll also learn applications of a variety of Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential oils, and easy ways to include them in daily life.

Delicious teas and treats will be available for purchase! Please arrive a few minutes early to look around and grab some treats, as we start promptly at 7:00 pm.