Minutes March 21, 2017

MEETING HELD ON March, 21 2017

Rear Conference Room, 68 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands NJ 07716


In attendance: Cindy Fligor, Jacquie Hillmann, Teresa D’Aguanno, Justin Sonta

Recording Secretary:  Lori Montana Guests: Mayor Randi LeGrice, Kristie Gannon, Thomas Palmer, Alex Nichols, Jake Pinelli, Mark De Young, Mickey Rast

President Cindy Fligor called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M, agendas and minutes were distributed.

The minutes were reviewed; a motion was made by Jacqui Hillmann and seconded by Teresa D’Aguanno to accept them as written.  The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report was submitted. A motion was made by Teresa D’Aguanno and seconded by Justin Sonta to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay all bills. The motion was carried unanimously.

Old Business:

Car Show: Sponsorship is going well

Farmers’ Market: Due to e-mail problems recruiting vendors has been slow. A follow up will be done to make sure vendors have gotten their applications.

Website: Needs a few minor adjustments, but it is ready. The Car Show will be added to the front page.

Annual Meeting: Was held on February 27, approximately 20 people attended. The largest gathering at an annual meeting.

Wine Tasting has been cancelled

New Business:

Film One Fest: The chamber will have a table. Please leave your cards and brochures in the chamber office to be displayed at FOF

Shark Fest: Week long event goes from June 11 through June17. Many opportunities for members to participate such as: sponsorship, vendor, musicians

Paint the Town Pink: Free to participate, members who decide to take part will only do it for two weeks instead of a month.

Visit Monmouth: The magazine with the Atlantic Highlands chamber ad is out. There are copies in the chamber office. Stop by to pick up your copy.

The Community Events Committee is having a raffle to help fund the fireworks for the Fireman’s Fair this summer. The tickets are $50 and first prize is a red Rough House 50 Scooter. Second prize is a mint green Buddy 50 scooter. Only 300 tickets will be sold. The drawing will be held on May 5 at 7:00 P.M. in Salon 68. See Cindy Fligor or Mickey Rast for tickets.

The Leos will be collecting food for the food pantry in Borough Hall from 9:00 A.M through noon on March 29.

Connie and Mark Strassburg have sold the Memphis Pig Out after being in business for 32 years. They have contributed to our community and to the chamber tremendously. We are grateful to them for their generosity.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 P.M.  A motion was made by Jacqui Hillmann to adjourn, seconded by Justin Sonta; all in attendance agreed.


Respectfully submitted,

Lori Montana



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